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Leasing and credit


Buying subjects in our company is quick and easy. Among our partners are reputable leasing companies such as VÚB leasing, Leasing SLSP, ČSOB Leasing and UniCredit Leasing. Together with their flexible workers we create for our customers prompt service in the refinancing of trucks and construction machinery. Individual access to each customer ensures objectivity and lucrativeness of  leasing offer. Based on our personal contacts with the workers of leasing company, we have created a flexible functioning mechanism.

You can buy a vehicle on lease or credit, the difference is mainly in ownership during lease or credit repayment.

Financial leasing

It is a long-term lease with following purchase, allowing the customer to use the leased subject (vehicle). Leased subject is depreciates by tenant. The owner of a vehicle is leasing company until lease repayment (in the vehicle registration the leasing company is registered as the owner of the vehicle and the customer as the keeper of the vehicle).

Consumer credit

It is a credit designated for individuals non-entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs for refinancing of commercial and personal vehicles. Customer is the owner of leased subject.       

Evidence for the conclusion of leasing contract, in general (each company has its leasing conditions):

  • artificial person - listing of the commercial register of SR, ID card, tax return, income statement, balance sheet
  • natural person entrepreneurs - listing of the trades register of  SR, ID card, tax return, income statement, statement of assets and liabilities, (if natural person leads    double-entry bookkeeping demonstrates income statement, balance sheet),
  • natural person non-entrepreneurs - ID card, the second document of identity (passport, birth certificate), income confirmation